Theatre Rental Add-ons

All fees are one charge for entire length of rental (1-7 days)
Fees subject to change.

Marley Dance Floor (rental/installation): $300
Projector side screens: $175
Hot Fog Machine: $25ea.
Hazer for lighting effects: $25
Snow machine-(Soap bubbles): $25ea.; 4 permanently installed ($100)
Wireless mics: Either Handhelds or Lav body mics (up to 4 included with rental), then $25/ea.
Internet-50Mbps Wifi or 1Gbps hardline for livestreaming: $100
Extra classrooms: $50 ea.
Standard Cleaning Fee: $170/day cleaned
---Extra cleaning fee if theatre left with food or excessive trash backstage.
Integrated Camera recording NOT available at this time with facility, contact 3rd party vendor to arrange.